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For over 45 years, Permadur Industries has been recognized as an industry leader in providing superior quality Below the Hook Lifting Equipment

Magnet Systems

A family owned company started in 1972, we operate out of our Central NJ location in Hillsborough, NJ. Servicing all of the country, as well as Mexico, we continue to expand our services around the world.

From the beginning and continuing that tradition, Permadur focuses on understanding the intent of the application to properly design a below the hook system. Safety, Productivity, and EFFICIENCY are the baselines for all of these designs.

Our Products

permanent lifting magnets

Permadur Electrically Controlled Permanent Magnets will not drop a suspended load due to power failure. faulty wiring, or misoperation of controls. No backup battery system is required and mo power is consumed during the lift.

Plate handling magnet systems

Utilizing the performance and safety features of the Permadur Lifting Magnets, these plate handling systems can handle a single plate off of a stack and be operated remotely by crane operator.

Multiple Part Handling Magnet Systems

These systems increase the productivity of your cutting operations by dramatically reducing the material handling time which results in increased Torch "ON" Time

Vacuum lifting systems

Permadur Vacuum Lifting Systems provide a lighter, more economical way of addressing a wide range of Aluminum, SS, and Carbon Steel Plate Handling Applications.

Manually controlled lifting magnets

Permadur's BPM and REM series manual lifting magnets are utilized where there is demand for lifting heavy steel pieces EFFICIENTLY. Machine shops, cutting/saw workstations, and steel service centers will use varying capacities of manual magnets.
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Load Positioners

Permadur's Load Positioner is a below the hook lifting and lowering device that is hydraulically operated. It simplifies alignment and assembly as well as reduces the risk of part damage.
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service and repair parts

by Permadur’s skilled technicians

Routine Maintenance, reconditioning, and repairs will extend the service life of your lifting magnet or vacuum system. When scheduling your downtime, let Permadur’s skilled Technicians inspect your equipment and recommend the best preventive maintenance program.

What we offer


For applications where every thousandth of an inch matters.


Engineered to lift your loads with safety
and efficiency in mind.


Our highly skilled technicians keep your operations running smoothly and at
optimal capacity.


Providing safety and power to a wide
variety of industries and facilities
throughout North America

leave the heavy
lifting to us

The time has come to take the next step for your material handling needs. 
Let us help get what you need.

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