Permanent Lifting Magnet, Plate lifting magnets

Plate lifting magnets are great options for lifting because they are affordable, safe, and, most importantly, reliable for heavy lifting. Plate lifting magnets are used for different lifting applications. Plate magnets come in different styles to meet the demands of different industries. Below, we highlight the main distinctions between different systems and styles.

Flush face plate magnets deliver tramp metal separation when implemented in belt applications. They are also used in above-the-flow chutes. This type of magnet delivers continuous magnetic protection.

Spout face plate magnets have a unique feature that offers maximum tramp metal separation. These plate magnets also offer superior wash-off protection for high-volume applications. The diverter protects the collected metal from entering into product flow. These magnets are built in different strengths and are sold in ceramic and rare earth designs.

Exposed pole plate magnets offer the best possible performance for tramp metal separation, primarily when used in low-medium volume applications.

Regardless of the type of plate magnet you acquire, it is essential to ensure that systems are clean. A dirty magnet makes it challenging to create a strong connection, which can create dangerous situations. Keeping on top of the cleanliness of magnets should be done before each usage.

You should contact our team for service and repair if you notice any system issues. Routine maintenance, as well as reconditioning, is an integral part of using any lifting magnet or vacuum system. Our skilled technicians thoroughly inspect the equipment to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely.

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