Plate Lifting Magnets, Vacuum Lifting Systems

Since the early 1970’s we have found that implementing the use of Permadur Products in these industries has greatly increased the safety, productivity and EFFICIENCY of their operations.

Magnet Systems

Industries served

  • Steel Service Centers
  • Shipyards
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Rail Car Manufacturing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Diesel Locomotive
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
  • Tower Manufacturing

Features and Benefits

  • Won’t Drop a Suspended Load due to loss of electrical power, faulty wiring, or misoperation of controls
  • Requires no back up battery systems
  • Consumes no power during lift
  • Provides the operator with positive feedback that magnets have transferred their full field to the load in preparation for a safe lift.
  • One Man plate handling increases productivity
  • Provide extra capacity (4:1) to prevent loss of load
  • Provide single plate handling off a stack and will not pick up burn table support slats.
  • Optional self contained systems through the use of an on board rechargeable Battery Power Supply.
  • Require significantly lower electrical power supply requirements than competitive electro or electroperm magnets.
  • Provide dependable relay analog controls systems that can be maintained in the field by the customer.
  • No Installation Costs
  • Unaffected by cold temperatures
  • Available in KIT form with Load Beam Drawings.

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