Permanent Lifting Magnet, plate lifting magnets

Permanent lifting magnetsLifting magnets are an excellent option for many different lifting applications. Besides working with a wide array of materials and shapes, many benefits make permanent lifting magnets the right option for material handling. What are some benefits of permanent lifting magnets and plate lifting magnets?

They are durable, which means they can last many years if used correctly (operations and maintenance). They are an excellent long-term option for material handling.

Maintenance is required, but permanent lifting magnets are known to be low-key and low-maintenance systems. They only rely on magnetic energy to operate, meaning that there are few moving parts and components.

Compared to other similar lifting systems, lifting magnetics is often thought of as the cost-effective option—without cutting corners or sacrificing safety or performance. The main thing that keeps costs down is that magnets do not need an extensive, expensive infrastructure.

Using these lifting systems is relatively straightforward and simple compared to other lifting methods. Overhead crane operations need extensive training, which is not the case for permanent lifting magnet operators.

Most lifting, when done correctly, is safe. Permanent lifting magnets boast added safety features over other lifting systems because there are only a few very clear steps associated with operating lifting magnets.

How easy is it to operate plate lifting magnets?

First, operators adjust the magnet to a designated position. They move away because the system is turned on, so there is no magnetic flux. Once at a safe distance, the on button is switched to generate electromagnetic energy. This energy comes from the rotor on the main body. Once the load is attached to the magnet, it can be moved to the desired location. Finally, the system is turned off to release the load. It’s that easy.

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