Permanent Lifting Magnet

A permanent lifting magnet has a stronger magnetic field than a normal magnet. Utilizing a permanent lifting magnet in your operations is a cost-effective and efficient solution. Many industries use permanent lifting magnets to lift metallic items and other heavy objects.

Lifting magnets are made of alloys and rare-earth metals, such as ferrite. A permanent lifting magnet features a main body and a rotor, each with a magnet. The two magnets are positioned in the same direction, producing a magnetic flux. The magnetic flux reaches the metallic objects, which allows for lifting.

Permanent lifting magnets offer many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • They are relatively safe as long as the operator is well versed in the proper safety steps.
  • These units do not require expensive infrastructure, making them cost-effective.
  • Permanent lifting magnets are low-maintenance operation and durable. They only use magnetic energy to operate.
  • Lifting magnets are easy to use. They are also manually operated, so they do not require extensive workforce training before operation.
  • There is no use of electricity when handling a load. The lack of electricity provides a safer working environment. The object will not drop during a power failure.
  • You can use the unit even if electricity isn’t readily available.

The on-off switch feature is one of the biggest benefits of permanent lifting magnets. Some electro-permanent magnets allow for switching on and off. This feature allows operators to switch off the magnet when objects are transferred to their required place.

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