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Looking for the strongest permanent magnet available? Look no further than N52! N52 refers to neodymium magnets with a grade of 52. Considering that neodymium has a grading range that caps out at 52, and higher numbers indicate stronger magnets, N52 is the most powerful neodymium magnet of all! For this reason, they have countless industrial uses, including heavy lifting. Unsure where the number comes from? Let’s examine how magnets are graded.

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N52 Gets the Highest Grades

It’s important to understand that a magnet grade measures the strength of the magnet. With that in mind, a magnet with a grade of N42 is weaker than one graded N52. The “N” comes from the type of permanent magnet. In this case, “N” stands for Neodymium, which just so happens to be the strongest type of permanent magnet available.

The number is derived from the “Maximum Energy Product (MGOe)” of the physical material’s property.  For comparison, the MGOe of neodymium (N) is between 35-52, while samarium cobalt magnets (SmCo) have a MGOe of 26. That’s double the MGOe!

Breaking it down even further, MGOe stands for Mega Gauss Oersted which is the unit of measurement used in stating the maximum energy product of a given product, or the strongest point on the magnet’s demagnetization or BH curve. 

What Do All of These Letters and Numbers Mean?

Although a magnet’s BH curve more completely describes its magnetic properties, a magnet’s maximum energy product can be illustrated using two other common measures: pull force and the strength of the magnetic field. 

Pull Force

A magnet’s pull force refers to how much force is needed to pull on a magnet and move it away from a surface or other magnet. Pull force is measured in pounds and usually varies with the N number of a magnet. For example, if an N52 magnet has a diameter of .5 inches and a thickness of .5 inches, the pull force is roughly 20lbs. 

However, if the diameter and thickness are doubled (1inch), then the pull force is around 75lbs. Comparing N52 to N42, which has a pull force of 60 at a 1inch diameter and thickness, it is clear to see which is the most powerful neodymium magnet.

Magnetic Field Strength

The strength of the magnetic field depends on a host of characteristics including the shape and size of the magnet, the grade, and where the measurement is performed in relation to any other magnetic materials in the vicinity.  Similar to the pull force, the magnetic field strength only gets higher when grade and size are increased. With that said, N52 is the highest grade magnet which already gives it an edge when considering its magnetic field strength.

Industrial Uses

Because of the superior strength they possess, neodymium magnets are extremely versatile. They are used in a wide variety of industries ranging from medical science to manufacturing. One such use includes lifting machinery, thanks to its high lifting capacity. Heavy equipment and ferrous items require loads of strength in order to to be lifted; that’s where neodymium magnets like N2 come into play. 

They are often joined with switchable release magnets due to their quick-release switching mechanism. This makes lifting and placing large materials a breeze! From handling steel plates and forgings to rebars and castings, neodymium magnets can truly be a warehouse’s best friend. 

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Is the Most Powerful Neodymium Magnet Right for You?

That depends largely on what you need the magnet for. In some cases, the characteristics of N52 may exceed what is required based on its application. An N42 magnet might get the job done just as well, depending on the magnet’s temperature, geometry, and use. 

In addition, lower-grade magnets may be more cost-effective. N52 might be the most powerful neodymium magnet available; however, it is made from one of the most expensive grades. In other words, why pay for a steak when a hamburger will calm your hunger just as efficiently?

Too Many Magnets

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