Vacuum Lifting Systems

Vacuum lifting systems are engineered to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and versatility across diverse industrial applications. Key features integral to their design and functionality include the following: 

  • Handles Non-Magnetic Materials and Steel: This capability allows for the handling of a broad spectrum of materials beyond metallic objects, encompassing glass, plastics, concrete, and steel. Such versatility is critical for applications across various sectors, enabling the adoption of vacuum lifting technology for various material handling needs.
  • 3 to 1 Safety Factor with Backup Vacuum Reservoir: Incorporating a 3 to 1 safety factor ensures that the system is designed to bear loads significantly exceeding its maximum rated capacity, mitigating the risk of accidents due to overloading. The inclusion of a backup vacuum reservoir provides an additional layer of safety, maintaining load grip in the event of power disruption or vacuum pressure loss, thereby ensuring operational reliability.
  • Conforms to ASME BTH-1, Design Category "B," Service Class 2: Adherence to ASME BTH-1 standards affirms the system's compliance with stringent safety and design criteria. Such compliance is essential for ensuring the system's reliability and durability while instilling confidence in its safety and operational efficiency.
  • Electrically or Air Powered: Offering electric and air-powered configurations enhances the system's adaptability to different operational environments. Electric units are suited for areas with accessible power sources. In contrast, air-powered units are ideal for environments where electrical operation may present a hazard, allowing for flexibility in deployment based on site-specific requirements.
  • Custom Engineered Units to Specifications: The ability to engineer units tailored to specific operational needs allows for optimized handling processes, addressing unique requirements regarding load weight, operational environment, and material type. Customization ensures maximized operational efficiency and productivity by aligning the system's capabilities with the specific tasks at hand.
  • Additional Features: Inline Pad Units, Multiple Pad Units, Upender/Downender Units, and Side Grab Manipulators: These features enhance the system's adaptability to handle loads of varying shapes, sizes, and orientations, facilitating operational flexibility. The capacity for load manipulation (e.g., rotation, tilting) streamlines material handling processes, reducing manual intervention and minimizing the risk of material damage.

Vacuum Lifting Systems You Can Trust

Partner with Permadur to get the best possible lifting systems. Integrating these features into vacuum lifting systems underscores their indispensability in achieving operational excellence. By ensuring safety, compliance with industry standards, adaptability, and customization, these systems significantly enhance efficiency and productivity within the material handling domain.

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