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Like with any Below the Hook lifting device, safe operation and training are crucial to the safety of your employees and in keeping a safe workplace.

Below we will step through general safety and operation guidelines for a Permadur lifting magnet.

Please remember that owners and operators shall also follow safety and operational guidelines as listed in ASME B30.20, Below the Hook Lifting Devices. Owners and Operators should also be aware that as in any below the hook lifter, the operator will be operating a hoist or an Overhead Crane. Operators should also be training the safe operating practices of Hoists and Overhead Cranes prior to any use of a below the hook lifting device.
  • Always thoroughly read and understand the Operators Manual and Safety Instructions of the exact piece of equipment that you are operating before you attempt to use it.
  • Always follow the Daily and Weekly periodic maintenance and inspection guidelines prior to every lift.
  • Always be aware and understand your surroundings. Check to make sure that no other personnel is near the load. Operators should instruct those that are in the area that a lift is about to be performed.
  • When performing a lift, it is important to follow and understand the loading procedure for your exact Permadur Magnet Model #. Refer to the owners and operators instructions for these details.
  • If you need help determining the exact Permadur Magnet Model # you own, please contact us today for assistance.
  • During your lift, it is important to move the load carefully to avoid any swinging or impact type loads. Always keep the load level, within eye site and never let the load come in contact with an obstruction.
  • Always stay clear of the load by guiding, pushing or pulling the load at all times. Never put yourself or others in a position where you could get hit with the load or hit if the load drops.
  • When positioning the load always keep the magnet and the load level.
  • When ready to position the magnet, it is important to follow and understand the releasing procedure for your exact Permadur Magnet Model #. Refer to the owners and operators instructions for these details.
  • Remember that the design of the Permadur Magnet includes the feature that in proper application of the Magnet, the load cannot be release in the air, or by misoperation of the controls. Questionable loads due to poor load surface condition, load thickness, or partial magnet contact can be tested by attaching the Permadur Magnet per the operational instructions, lifting the load several inches, and pushing the “Off” button. The load should not fall. Should the load release consult your supervisor or Permadur.
Permadur’s experienced engineering staff is always available to answer your questions about permanent lifting magnets, vacuum lifting devices, and other lifting systems.