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Permadur Magnets, which are Electronically Controlled Permanent Magnets, offer unique Safety and Performance features that we believe are ideally suited to your Plate and Multiple Part Handling applications. Permadur Patented Magnets will not drop a load if the power fails! Permadur Vacuum Lifting Systems conform to ASME B30.20 and OSHA Standards. They are designed with a 3:1 safety factor and can be controlled electrically or by air. Let Permadur custom engineer a Vacuum Lifting Systems for your application. The Permadur Loadpositioners is a self-contained hydraulic link between the hoist and load, which provides accurately controlled vertical positioning of suspended loads. Permadur Loadpositioners are available in either lowering only (L) or lifting and lowering (LL) models. Permadur offers a wide variety of hoists and cranes. Anything from an electric chain hoist, wire rope hoist, hand chain hoist, to a overhead crane, gantry crane, or jib crane. Permadur can provide you with a complete turnkey system for your material handling needs! Permadur Industries Decorating Machinery Division has broadened it's line to include a full compliment of Servo operated decorating equipment as well as provide complete service and support for all manufacturers of decorating machines.
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