Permanent Lifting Magnet

Without appropriate lifting solutions implemented for a job, there is always the risk of danger and damage. In an industrial setting, when heavy, large objects are lifted, the danger factor goes up exponentially. One common and reliable choice for lifting is a permanent lifting magnet. Although this type of lifting magnet is robust and reliable, using the wrong type for a lifting project could cause catastrophic failure.In short, there are two main options when shopping for permanent lifting magnets, which include:

  1. Rectangular
  2. Bipolar

Both designs are further customized with a range of control options. Common options include:

  1. Battery Power
  2. AC Power
  3. Remote Control

Permanent lifting magnets represent a significant advancement in the field of material handing, and they provide a dependable and safe means of handling materials.

Rectangular Magnets: Ideal for Standard Materials

The rectangular permanent lifting magnet is a staple in handling sheet, plate, and block materials. It is specifically designed for standard structural materials, offering a robust and straightforward solution. If your operations involve the frequent lifting of such materials, the rectangular magnet is an essential tool that provides reliability and simplicity of use.

Bipolar Magnets: Enhanced Versatility for Diverse Materials

For operations that involve a wider variety of materials, the bipolar permanent lifting magnet is a versatile alternative. Equipped with customizable pole shoes, this magnet extends its utility to handle rounds, angles, and structural materials efficiently. The adaptability of the bipolar magnet makes it particularly useful for tasks requiring the manipulation of non-standard shapes and sizes.

Control Options: Customized Operation to Suit Your Needs

Permadur Magnets can be tailored with an array of control options to match the specific needs of your operation. Whether your preference is for battery power, AC power, or the convenience of remote control, these magnets are adaptable to your operational environment. The flexibility in control options ensures that you can maintain optimal functionality in various conditions and applications.

Making an Informed Decision:

When deciding between these magnets, consider the following factors:

  • The nature of the materials you will be lifting.
  • The environment in which the magnet will be used.
  • The frequency and duration of the lifting tasks.

The proper selection of a permanent lifting magnet is pivotal to enhancing the productivity and safety of your operations. We encourage you to review the specifications of each magnet type carefully and assess your operational needs thoroughly before selecting. If you have more questions about products and customization options, you should not hesitate to give our talented and highly-trained team a call. We are standing by to answer questions and provide quotes.

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