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vacuum lifting system

Simply put, these devices allow businesses to Conduct faster loading and unloading with less downtime when compared to other traditional forms of material handling. There is no need for slings or chains with these systems, so there is no need to unhook or hook loads. With many devices or industries, an increase in speed often comes at sacrificing performance or safety. The main benefit of vacuum lifting is that material handling times drastically increase without decreasing performance or strength. When used correctly, vacuum lifting systems never drop their load.

What are some of the other benefits of using vacuum lifts?

  • Compared with conventional lifting methods, a vacuum lift eliminates time-consuming lifting mechanisms, like chains, slings, and hooks.
  • Vacuums are placed directly on top of loads without the need of attaching devices to lift the load. Loads can be lifted and moved at quicker intervals because there is less downtime between lifts.
  • Once loaded, a vacuum lift can move materials without displacing adjacent pieces.
  • Vacuum lifts do not necessitate employees climbing on trailers and attaching chains and slings. Removing this part of the process drastically increases employee safety in and around the workplace.
  • This type of lifting is often more affordable than conventional methods because it eliminates the expensive need for spacers or cribbing (for plate or pipe).
  • Vacuum lifting is incredibly safe because systems have both audio and visual alarms that indicate hazardous lifting environments
  • Conventional methods require slings, hooks, and chains, which can come loose or shift during lifting. When this happens, it endangers employees. Vacuum lifting creates a positive load engagement that keeps employees and products safe while being moved.

A vacuum lifting system is not ideal for all situations, so know your environment and application before purchasing. For more information on how to vacuum lifting can benefit your business, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

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