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Electromagnetic lifting magnets are made from the most powerful permanent magnetic material available, neodymium. But how long do they last -  are permanent magnets actually permanent?

By nature, these magnets are built to withstand the pressure from the toughest of jobs, and with proper maintenance and care, it’s been estimated that they can be operated for over a century without losing more than 1% of its original strength.

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Protecting Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets

For industrial magnets to remain strong throughout years of use, certain conditions must be met. To protect industrial magnets from demagnetization and weakening, here are some things to avoid:

Physical Damage: Though electromagnetic lifting magnets are built with durability and longevity in mind, they are still subject to physical damage. Magnets can sustain damage in the case of impact - if it collides with other equipment. Magnets can also be damaged as a result of improper use and mishandling. If the inner workings of the magnet are compromised due to physical damage, you may see a decline in the magnet’s effectiveness.

Moisture: Another hazard for industrial magnets is moisture. It can seep into its overall framework and weaken it over time. To prevent a magnet from weakening, make sure its seals are watertight and no fluid of any kind is able to make contact with the magnet itself.

Temperature Changes: In addition to moisture, electromagnetic lifting magnets are sensitive to changes in temperature. Industrial magnets have a maximum operating temperature that varies depending on the type and brand of the magnet. Magnets exposed to temperatures above their maximums could temporarily or permanently decline in strength. If a magnet sustains permanent damage due to the heat, you may have to consider remagnetization to restore it to its original state.

External Changes: Electromagnetic lifting magnets can become demagnetized as a result of changes in their environment. If an industrial magnet is not protected from external magnetic forces, it runs the risk of losing its magnetic charge. In many cases, demagnetization occurs due to environmental factors, like nearby electromagnets and coils, and improper storage. Storing industrial magnets too close to each other, especially those with opposite forces, can lead to demagnetization.

Properly Caring For Industrial Magnets

Along with avoiding physical damage, heat, and moisture, making sure you correctly maintain your electromagnetic lifting magnets on a daily basis is critical to their longevity. Proper care begins with regular inspections. Conducting inspections is an essential step in ensuring ideal operating conditions. They help to identify potential issues with the magnet and prevent it from becoming a safety hazard to your crew and other equipment. 

Another crucial step in caring for electromagnetic lifting magnets is to make sure all magnets - manually cleaned and self-cleaning - are properly cleaned and cleared by their operators. This means that, along with cleaning, your team is actively checking for objects around the magnets that may cause damage and inspecting all bolts to make sure they are tight and secure. Not only will adopting these practices contribute to the longevity of your electromagnetic lifting magnetics,it will also ensure a safer environment for your crew as a whole.

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Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets & Maintenance with Permadur

No matter what type of magnet your business needs, it will need to be properly maintained. At Permadur Industries is happy to help. Our expert team is extensively trained and well-equipped to help you find the electromagnetic lifting magnets that will best fit your individual needs. Not only can we help identify the best magnet for you, we also offer magnet repair and reconditioning in the event of demagnetization or decreased magnetic charge. Contact us today for more information about industrial magnets and repair services.