Permanent Lifting Magnet, material lifting magnets

A wide range of industries widely uses material lifting magnets. There are numerous advantages to using this style of material handling system, which include:

  1. Added Safety – this type of lifting is considered extremely safe, and they are great at protecting workers from severe injury.
  2. Streamlined Work— material lifting magnets allow a single employee to move heavy loads in only a few minutes. The magnet is placed over the load, and an employee activates the magnetic field to lift and move the load.
  3. Reliable Strength— a material lifting magnet can easily and safely lift thousands of pounds. Smaller, portable magnetic lifting systems can only lift hundreds of pounds, but larger systems can support over 13,000 Lbs.
  4. Space Saver— lifting magnets do not take up much room, and the portable system can be housed in empty areas when not in use.

Considering all the above benefits, it is easy to see why these systems are implemented in various applications. Some common applications include the following:

  • Plate lifting magnets are designed to lift heavy plates, which is why they are used in metal workshops, fabricating areas, and shipyards.
  • A cutting table magnet is one of the manufacturers' best and most economical ways to load plates onto cutting tables. It can also unload cut parts while keeping the skeleton in one piece.

The steel industry uses magnetic lifting systems because they are great for lifting bundles. They are used in producing and handling I-beams, rebar, flats, and more. They are commonly used for shipping and receiving and are commonly found in fabricating areas and service centers.

Permanent lifting magnets are used to lift coils, billets, and more. For more information on different options for lifting magnets, you should not hesitate to call our team.

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