Permanent Lifting Magnet, Permanent lifting magnets

Permanent lifting magnets are a leading choice for lifting gear because they are safe and effective. Using a magnet is among the most robust and dependable when comparing different lifting methods. They can be used on heavy and awkwardly shaped loads. The controllable magnet, when turned on, charges the magnet, but when turned off, the magnetic field dissipates. When used correctly and treated with respect, these systems are an excellent option for material handling. It is necessary to acknowledge that there are several options on the market and that not all magnetic lifters are created equal. Below, we want to highlight the main differences between popular lifting magnets.

The main component of these systems is the magnets, but different magnets are used in different devices. Most commonly, a lifter uses a permanent magnet. In certain instances, neodymium magnets are used instead. These magnets are designed to lift the heaviest of loads. It creates powerful magnetic fields that will not drop heavy loads.

Before buying a magnet, you should know your required lifting needs. Magnets are broken down by their lift rating. These numbers pertain to the maximum weight a magnet can hold. Magnets with a higher rating are more expensive. It is a waste of capital to buy a more powerful magnet than you need. Similarly, using a magnet rated under necessary lifting applications is hazardous.

A control mechanism is also a choice people must consider. All lifting magnets have a control mechanism. The most common system is a lever-based control with an on/off switch.

Take the time to pick and use permanent lifting magnets that are ideal for your environment and lifting demands. Safety should be the responsibility of everyone using the machines.

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