Vacuum Lifting Systems

Vacuum Lifting Systems are great for moving heavy and other unwieldy items. Items that have smooth surfaces such as concrete, steel, glass, pipes, and much more. Our clients prefer our Vaccum Lifting Systems because of the 3 to 1 safety rating for all of our custom, small, and larger plate handling systems. While our vacuum lifting systems are one of the safest available, it is important to keep in mind our safety tips when using our plate handling systems.

Here are a few safety tips for Vacuum Lifting Systems:


Before using the vacuum lifting system, there are some guidelines that should be met:
  • All personnel involved in the vacuum lifting system operations need operational training beforehand. This includes reading the user's guide.
  • Only the personnel involved in the operation of the lifting system should be in the designated area.
  • Routine maintenance on and checks are to be performed on the material handling systems as described by the user's manual to ensure the safe operation of the machinery. A qualified professional is required to perform any routine maintenance or pad replacement.

During Operation

Keep these points in mind during the operation process:
  • Make sure all the vacuum pads are secured to the material properly including equal weight distribution to each vacuum pad.
  • Do not attempt to exceed the specific lifting capacity of any vacuum lifting system.
  • If there is a malfunction, immediately switch to OFF using the ON/OFF Push Button Pendant and communicate with the site manager for further instruction.
  • Clear the area of unnecessary personnel and do not transport material over any individual to minimize potential accidents.

Post Operation

After the move is completed:
  • Turn off the system in accordance with manual's step by step process.
  • Redo a maintenance check on the vacuum lifting system for any abnormalities.
  • Secure and store the vacuum lifting system in a safe location.

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