Lifting Magnet Systems, Permanent Lifting Magnets

In a previous blog post, we provided a general overview for choosing the right permanent lifting magnet for a specific job/application.

In this post, we’ll get a little more in depth to help you determine which lifting magnet system would be the most appropriate solution for your needs.

As mentioned in our previous post, material surface condition, alloy content, material thickness and contact area are also major factors in determining the proper magnet selection. Use the following information as a starting point for your selection of the proper lifting magnet for your application.

Permanent Lifting Magnets

Permanent Magnets will not drop a suspended load due to power failure, faulty wiring, or misoperation of controls. In addition, no backup battery system is required and no power is consumed during the lift. Permanent Magnets are extremely lightweight and portable, and are best used for smaller jobs such as: sheet, plate, block, rounds, angles, and structural applications.

Plate Handling Magnet Systems

Plate Handling Systems can be manned with a single operator, as well as handle a single plate off of a stack, which can significantly increase your material handling efficiency. Plate Handling Systems are therefore best used for both small and large, thin or heavy, single plate lifting from a stack.

Multiple Part Handling Magnet Systems

Multiple Part Handling Magnet Systems dramatically reducing the material handling time required to offload cut parts and skeleton, which helps to increase the productivity of your operations. Reduced material handling time results in increased Torch “ON” Time, which means higher productivity and lower costs. Multiple Part Handling Magnet Systems are good for various applications thanks to their ability to have custom load beam configurations.

Vacuum Lifting Systems

Vacuum Lifting Systems provide a lighter, more economical way of addressing a wide range of aluminum, SS, and carbon steel plate handling applications. Built into every system is a vacuum reservoir to support holding the load if power fails. Vacuum Lifting Systems are best used for jobs involving non-magnetic materials and steel.

Manually Controlled Lifting Magnets

Manual lifting magnets are utilized where there is demand for lifting heavy steel pieces efficiently. Machine shops, cutting/saw workstations, and steel service centers will use varying capacities of light, compact, and portable manual magnets.

Load Positioners

Load Positioners are below the hook lifting and lowering devices that are hydraulically operated. They simplifies alignment and assembly as well as reduces the risk of part damage. Load Positioners are used for lifting and/or lowering heavy materials with control, with capacities ranging from 1,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

This list is intended to be a conversation starter – obviously no system can be selected without consulting with experts. Permadur’s experienced engineering staff is always available to review your applications and confirm your selection of the proper lifting magnet. Call  908-359-9767 to speak to a Permadur representative today.

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