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Magnets make everything easier. There are innumerable instances where lifting magnets increase productivity while saving time, money, and workers from injury. You might have seen a magnet being used in a factory, at a job site, and on an assembly line, but have you ever seen one being used on the road?  This is where the road plate magnet comes into play.

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What’s a Road Plate?

First, it is necessary to understand what a road plate actually is. Road plates are made from thick, certified steel. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are optimal for use in street crossings, covering trenches, or providing access over unstable terrain. During ongoing construction projects, road plates are used to allow roadways to remain open during non-construction periods. Both drivers and pedestrians alike can safely cross these sturdy sheets of steel while work is paused for the day.

But is it easy to move them?

Not so much. Typically, road plates are anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 pounds, depending on their size. That is a lot of weight to move around when working on an ever-evolving construction project. During the course of construction, a road plate may have to be moved up to 10 times. 

Additionally, moving these massive sheets by hand with shovels or 2x4s has proven dangerous for workers. The incorrect handling of road plates can result in serious or life-altering injuries. This is where magnets can make the ultimate difference.

Introducing the Road Plate Magnet

Road plate magnets are used to alleviate the risk of injury all the while increasing productivity. In other words, heavy-duty magnets make lifting and transporting road plates a breeze. Lifting road plates with magnets will allow you to have complete control over a road plate from a safe distance.  You could even use an extendable hand-held tool as well. This makes moving and repositioning road plates safer and more efficient, especially in busy or congested areas. 

Adding strong magnets such as neodymium will allow for comfortable and competent precision without damaging equipment or operators. Pivot, adjust, and place road plates with confidence thanks to magnetic lifting. Even releasing loads is exceptionally easy.

Magnets make a difference.

Thanks to road plate magnets, potentially hazardous jobs that would otherwise take one hour to complete can be completed safely in half the time. Often, operators will have trouble when trying to jimmy the hook into the correct location. It could take several attempts to properly place a sling or chain. However, road plate magnets effectively remove these time-wasting tasks.

Also, weather doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes to a road plate magnet either. Snow, ice, and rust would otherwise make lifting and placing road plates difficult. Yet, using heavy-duty magnets removes all the hassles and hazards from completing the job. It’s a win-win.

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Are You Ready to Magnetize Your Workflow?

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