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Sheet Lifting
3/16” thickness or less

These Permadur Thin Plate Handling Systems are built to support the handling of thinner gauge material. In order to provide single plate handling off a stack for plates thinner than 3/16″ thick, we utilize a special Permadur Electroperm Magnet whose magnetic intensity / depth of field can be reduced or increased depending on the Plate thickness. These unique Magnets/Controls allow the operator to set the intensity of the PICK UP level in order to lift single plate from a stack and then enable the operator to go to FULL MAG level for additional safety prior to transferring the load. In addition to building these systems for attachment to an overhead crane, we also build these Units for OEM Built Gantry or Masted Transfer Systems.

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Series 612_3

Plate Handling System

Features and benefits

    • Loss of Electrical Power
    • Faulty Wiring
    • Misoperation of Controls
    • Single Plate Handling from a Stack
    • Remote Control Options Available
    • Various Custom Loadbeam Configurations to fit application
  • Electrical:
    • Dependable Relay Analog Control Systems
    • Unaffected by Cold Temperatures
    • Integration with Overhead Crane Controls (if needed)
    • Consumes No Power During Lift
    • Requires lower electrical power supply requirements than competitors magnet
    • 100% Duty Cycle (no downtime for magnet cooling)
    • Requires No Back Up Battery System
    • AC Power Supply as standard
    • Misoperation of Controls
    • Rated Safe Working Load Provides 4 to 1 Safety Factor
    • On/Off Controls Provide Positive Indication of Magnet
    • Field Absorption
    • One Man Plate Handling Increases Efficiency
    • No Installation Costs
    • Available in KIT for with Load Beam Drawings

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