Product Spotlight, Permadur Small Plate Handling Systems

Small Plate Handling Systems

Permadur Small Plate Handling Systems are designed to
  • Handle Plates ranging in thickness from Gauge Material to 1"
  • Handle Non-Magnetic Materials and Steel
  • Offer Upender/Downender capability to support taking Plate from horizontal to vertical and vice versa
  • Possess a 3 to 1 Safety Factor with a Backup Vacuum Reservoir
  • Be either Electrically or Air Powered

Permadur Series 102

This Permadur Series 102 Plate/Part Handling System consists of:
  • 2ea. TP-2000 Lifting Magnets
  • 8' Load Beam
  • Shackle/Ring and 2 Part Sling Assembly for attachment to a single hook hoist
  • (-1E) 19.2VDC Nicad Battery Powered Master/Slave Pushbutton Controller mounted on the Master Magnet
  • 4' Coil Cord included by the Slave Magnet with a Male QD for tie-in to the Master/Slave Controller
Both Magnets are attached to the load beam via ¾” Bolts to support repositioning on 1’ Centers along the load beam. The Master Magnet can also be used apart from the System as an individual Magnet for handling smaller parts. The Master/Slave Controller includes Permadur’s Exclusive (- S) Safety Indicator Lighting System to tell the Operator when the Magnets have attached to the load in preparation for a safe lift. This Controller also includes our (-RR) Radio Remote Controls with built-in Receiver and handheld Transmitter.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

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