Product Spotlight, Multiple Part Handling Magnet Systems

Multiple Part Handling Magnet Systems
Permadur Multiple Part Handling Magnet Systems can provide higher productivity and lower costs PARTY for both Steel Fabricators and Steel Permanent Service Centers by reducing the an Material Handling time required to offload Cut Parts and Skeleton. These systems are designed to:
  • Not drop a System suspended load due to loss of electrical power, faulty wiring, or misoperation of controls
  • Consume no power during lift
  • Offer remote control options
  • Need no Back Up Battery System
  • Require no installation costs
Permadur Series 1530
This Permadur Series 1530 Plate/Multiple Part Handling System was built with 30ea. BP-1600×48 Lifting Magnets on a 10’ load beam. The Magnets are fixed on 8” Centers. The Controller provides Selectivity by Magnet Row, 15ea., and by Magnet, 30 each. Permadur’s Exclusive Safety Indicator Lighting System confirms the Magnets have attached to the load in preparation for a safe lift. This Controller was also built with System ON/OFF/HIGH Radio Controls in addition to hard-wired PB Pendant Controls positioned at both ends of the load beam. As yet another control alternative this System was wired to support ON/OFF/HIGH System Controls via the Crane Pendant or Radio Controller. Finally, the System Load Beam supported attachment to a single hook crane via a 4 Part Sling Suspension with a Holding Rack when the System is not in use.
Let us do the heavy lifting.
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