Product Spotlight, Large Plate Handling Systems

Large Plate Handling Systems

Permadur Large Plate Handling Systems are designed to handle Non-Magnetic Materials and Steel Plates with 3/16″ to 2″ thickness, offering the following options:
  • Radio Remote Controls
  • Built-in Sit Down Legs
  • Audible Low Vacuum Alarms
  • Water Traps
  • Extra LED Warning lights on both sides of the System Load Beam
  • Electrically or Air Powered

Permadur Series 918

This Permadur Series 918 Large Plate Handling System was built with 18ea. TP-2000 Lifting Magnets on a 36’ Load Beam that enables the System to be suspended either from a Fork Truck or a Single/Double Hook Overhead Crane. Each of the Magnet Crossarms can be manually repositioned on the load beam. The Controller provides selectivity by Row, 9ea., and is powered by an “On Board” 24VDC Wet Cell Battery Power Supply w/built in Charger. Radio Controls enable the Fork Truck or Crane Operator to control the System from the cab and a backup hard wired PB Pendant is also included. The Controller also offers Permadur’s Exclusive Safety Indicator Lighting System that confirms the Magnets have attached to the load in preparation for a safe lift. Permadur Lifting Magnets are electrically Controlled Permanent Lifting Magnets that will not drop a load due to loss of electrical power.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

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