Permanent Lifting Magnet, permanent lifting magnets

Safety tips when using permanent lifting magnets is important to keep employees safe.

When using material handling equipment, the most important aspect is, of course, having all of the safety precautions in place. Hazards, handling, and storage issues can compromise the safety of the materials and personnel handling the permanent lifting magnets. We compiled a list of safety precautions that can be utilized and put in place to ensure the safety of the materials, magnets, and personnel during a lift. Here are our safety tips when using permanent lifting magnets:

Clear area and persons of metallic clutter

Before using permanent lifting magnets, a few precautions should be taken into consideration. Any substances that could potentially be affected by a magnet need to be out of the immediate area. Make sure there isn't any material on your person that can react to the magnets.

Wear Protective Gloves

When dealing with permanent lifting magnets, a common injury that can occur is pinched fingers. Pinched fingers can cause a variety of injuries. Anything from blood blisters, cuts, to severe injuries such as crushed fingers or broken bones. Protective gloves can go a long way in protecting the operators of permanent magnets.

Breaking & Chipping

One common way for Neodymium magnets to sustain damage is from magnets accidentally colliding with each other. This can cause breaking and chipping of the magnets. Because of the size and exerted force of the magnets, when a magnet does chip, it is possible for chips to cause abrasions and possible eye injuries to the operators and employees in the working area. Protective eyewear can assist workers in minimizing potential injury risks. When using Permadur's permanent lifting magnets, it is important to that the proper precautions. These few tips can help make sure that the employees operating permanent lifting magnets can keep a safe working environment for themselves and others. Contact us today to learn more about safety tips when using permanent lifting magnets.