Permanent Lifting Magnet, Engineered Load Positioner Model

The Engineered Load Positioner Model is a newer product among Permadur's Load Positioners. It is considered a slightly safer approach than other load positioner models.  The Engineered Load Positioner reduces parts damage, protects costly machines, tool and loads, and improves quality control. It's ability to simplify alignment and assembly makes it a ideal choice for load positioners. Other Benefits and Features include:

Motorized Loadpositioner With Radio Remote Controls

• Precise Positioning to less than .001” • Lifting and Lowering • Local and Remote Radio Controls • Indicator lights for Power, Raise, and Lower • 460 VAC Power Supply • Available in a Range of Lifting Capacities and Stroke lengths. • Travel Speed from 0 to .9 Inches/Minute • 3 to 1 Safety Factor • Unit pictured above is an MLL-4-3-RR w/Drip Pan and Stainless Steel Eye Nuts

Optional Features:
  • Load Dial Indicator
  • Hook Travel Dial Indicator
  • Lower Eye Connector
  • Motorized Lifting and Lower

Let us do the heavy lifting.

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