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The following guides you through typical guidelines for the proper periodic maintenance of a Permadur Permanent Lifting Magnet.

A Permadur Lifting Magnet should perform Plans indefinitely with proper care and maintenance.

Daily Maintenance

  • The lifting surfaces of the magnet shall be kept clean, smooth and free of rust or any other materials.
  • Inspect the lifting surfaces of the magnet, if small nicks or burrs are discovered, clean magnet poles with a flat oil stone.
  • If larger nicks are discovered re-grinding may be required over the entire lifting surface. (See Regrinding instructions below in Note A)
  • Check the outside condition of the overall lifting magnet including outside housing, bolts, control enclosure, cables, ect. Repair or replace any components that may be damaged.
  • Check and inspect for proper lifting magnet control operation and indicator lights operation. If the controls or indicator lights are not working properly, STOP, tag the lifting magnet out of service and contact your supervisor or Permadur.
  • Inspect all operating instructions or warning labels on the lifting magnet. If they are illegible or damaged, replace before operation.
  • Perform a “Safeload” Test as outlined below.

Weekly Maintenance

  • The lifting surfaces of the magnet shall be checked for wear and flatness. During normal operation of the magnet, small burrs and nicks will occur. Once inspected, if lifting surface area is uneven or significantly compromised, regrinding will be necessary. (Regrinding instructions below in Note A)
  • Clean lifting magnet surfaces with a flat oil stone.
  • Recharge battery if equipped with battery controls.

Performing "Safeload" Test

  • Position Permadur Magnet on steel load.
  • Attach the magnet to the load per the operating instruction making sure the Lift Eye rises (about 3/4”) before lifting.
  • With load suspended several inches, depress “Off” button. Load should not release. If load drops, consult Permadur.

Note A: Regrinding

Due to Permadur’s exclusive design of our bottom poles (lifting contact surfaces), regrinding must be performed by a skilled Permadur Technician so that the capacity of the lifting magnets is not compromised. Contact Permadur for details on how to return your magnet for servicing and repairs. As part of this service, Permadur will also perform a load test after grinding in accordance with the test described in ASME B30.20. Permadur’s experienced engineering staff is always available to help you with all of your lifting system maintenance needs.