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Neodymium magnets are extremely useful for industrial-scale lifting and are relied upon in many different industries. They are capable of lifting a lot, but require careful handling and maintenance to remain in safe working order. Proper use of a neodymium magnet can prevent accidents, and help you get the most out of your investment. Here are some of the best practices in neodymium magnet care.

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Extreme Temperatures

If your company works in areas with extreme heat, you must keep neodymium magnets away from heat sources or use another variation entirely. When subjected to extreme heat, neodymium magnetism can decrease significantly. The max operating temperature of neodymium is around 175 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celcius), however that depends on the shape, grade, and size of the magnet. 

Propery Handling a Neodymium Magnet

As with many types of industrial equipment, neodymium magnets can cause injuries if they aren’t handled properly. Due to the powerful magnetic force of these magnets, body parts can quickly get crushed between the magnet and material being lifted. Everyone on your worksite should be fully trained and certified for heavy lifting equipment operation. 

Safety Equipment

Everyone who works with or near an industrial neodymium magnet should wear the proper safety equipment during operation.  Safety gloves and eye protection are the two most critical pieces of PPE to wear, as magnets can splinter and shatter. 

Pacemakers and Medical Devices

Neodymium magnet safety starts during the hiring process. An unfortunate fact of life is that strong magnetic fields can negatively affect pacemakers and other medical devices implanted in the body. Industrial lifting magnets are extremely powerful and should be kept far away from these devices. You need to have a clear screening process, where candidates are well aware of these limitations. 


Another important safety concern is that neodymium powder is extremely flammable. Wear and tear on heavy lifting magnets can shave off neodymium powder and create a fire hazard on your worksite. Proper use of the equipment as determined by the manufacturer’s instructions can minimize the issue.

Magnetic Media

The powerful magnetic field of neodymium can damage electronic devices that use magnets to operate. This includes computer drives, televisions, monitors, ATM cards and more. Make sure all equipment susceptible to magnetic damage is kept far away from industrial magnets.  


Proper use of neodymium magnets requires special care to prevent corrosion. Magnets used in any area that contains heavy moisture are susceptible to corrosion over time. Corrosion will weaken the magnet and cause damage to the components lifting the magnet. Operating in dry areas and undergoing regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of an industrial neodymium magnet. 


Depending on your industry and application, you may need to transport a neodymium magnet to a worksite. Powerful magnets can interfere with navigation instruments and certain electronics in a transportation vehicle. You will require special insulation packaging to avoid these issues. Make sure to speak with your freight company for the best practices in safe handling during transportation. 

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Industrial Neodymium Magnet Solutions

Regardless of the type of magnet your company requires, Permadur Industries has the right equipment for your business needs. Our staff can work with you to determine the best solution for your particular needs and will help educate and train your staff on the differences in the application and use of our equipment correctly, effectively and safely. We are an American manufacturer of below-the-hook lifting equipment that specializes in permanent lifting magnets. We offer magnets in bipolar, tripolar and five polar orientations enabling us to tailor the design of the magnet system to your specific lifting needs.  We are also here to support your needs year after year with maintenance after installation support. Contact us for more information.