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How do Lifting Magnets work?

A simple step-by-step process on how Permadur permanent lifting magnets work

Permanent magnets have almost always been a staple in the material handling industry. Permadur products specifically are at the forefront of the material industry today and have been for many years, due to our attention to detail, safety precautions, and overall cost-effectiveness that helps companies to operate at an optimal level. Not only do we utilize the the most powerful permanent magnetic material available (NdFeB), but also Permadur's permanent lifting magnets are known for their durability, ability to hold a suspended load during any loss of power, and available special control options. These give the operator the control and confidence to be able to move the desired materials quickly and effectively. What may not be as commonly known is exactly how do lifting magnets work? We have created a step-by-step guide on how Permadur permanent lifting magnets work to help demystify the subject and to help you determine if a permanent lifting magnet would be the correct choice to incorporate into your facility.

1. Applying Magnet

The operator lowers the magnet to desired position on the load. The load will not "jump," as the magnetic field is stored in internal keeper.

2. Attaching Magnet

When the operator presses the "On" button and holds, the internal keeper moves away from top of magnet. When the operator releases the "On" button, the magnetic holding power has now been transferred from the internal keeper to the load by the pulse of power. No continuous current is required to maintain the hold force, which not only saves on utility costs, it ensures operator safety even in the case of a loss of power.

3. Moving Load

The operator then moves the load to his/her desired location. Permadur's equipment includes a SAFE-LOAD FEATURE - the magnet cannot release a suspended load, even if the "Off" button is accidentally pressed, because the keeper supports the load and magnet weight and cannot return to the top of the magnet to absorb the magnet's holding power until tension is removed.

4. Releasing Load

Finally, the operator will lower the load into place until the magnet suspension is slack. When the operator depresses the "Off" button until the internal keeper returns to the top of the magnet to absorb its magnetic holding power, the load is finally released. Permadur permanent lifting magnets are designed for use in a multitude of situations and applications. Our staff is able to work with you to determine the best solution for your particular needs, and will help train your staff to use our equipment correctly, effectively and safely. And we'll be here to support you with maintenance after installation. Contact us for more information on our permanent lifting magnets.