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Permanent lifting magnet manufacturers have greatly increased the strength of their products over the past decade. Improvements throughout the industry have resulted in immensely powerful machinery capable of lifting massive loads. But with increased strength comes increased security measures. Even the slightest mistake can cause severe injuries or even death. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has set the standards for lifting magnet operation to keep up with increasingly powerful machinery. 

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General Lifting Magnet Safety

The ASME determined that the intensity of lifting magnets warrants labels documenting that fact. The words “Strong Magnet’ should be on the magnet and near the area where the magnets are being used. Permanent lifting magnet manufacturers ship out the equipment pre-labelled, so business owners only need to worry about labelling the workzone. Any magnets without capacity or safety first tags should be immediately pulled from operation. 

Comprehensive knowledge of the equipment, load and workspace is essential for all lifting magnet operators and supervisors. Before any lifting magnet is put into operation, everyone involved must read and understand all instructions provided by the permanent lifting magnet manufacturers. All operators and supervisors must know the lifting magnet’s capacity and the material thickness of all loads before operations begin. They must also be aware of how to act during operation, never standing below lifting magnets and out of the path of the crane overhead. 

Taking care of lifting magnets is another important part of the safety procedures. Damaged magnets run the risk of dropping. It is essential that a close eye is kept on all lifting magnets and related equipment. Follow all equipment-care guidelines established by the ASME and permanent lifting magnet manufacturers. All damaged and compromised equipment should be taken out of service immediately and remain out of service until repairs are made.

Lifting Magnet Operation

ASME has set guidelines for the materials being lifted that allow operators to remain in compliance with best practices for safety. Operators must make sure they are lifting steel, as alloys are less magnetic and would require adjustments. The configuration of loads should be flat, without bows or waves. Operators should use a straight edge to check for flatness before lifting that load. Magnets with oily surfaces will attract debris that reduces magnetism and cause a dropped load. It’s essential to remove any material, solid or liquid, from the surface, as anything between the magnet and load reduces magnetic forces.  All load weights and thicknesses must be verified and calculated for each load before lifting. Finally, temperature is an important consideration as many lifting magnets lose strength under extreme heat. 

Additional Precautions

Due to the immense force of lifting magnets, there are some external factors to consider when near a magnet. For example, medical devices like pacemakers can be negatively affected by magnetic fields. People who rely on electronic medical devices should remain far away from lifting magnet operation. Data can also get erased from storage devices when electronics come into contact with powerful magnets. Computers, cell phones, flash drives and hard drives should be kept away from lifting magnets. 

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Expert Permanent Lifting Magnet Manufacturers

Permadur Industries has the right equipment for your business needs. Our staff can work with you to determine the best solution for your particular needs and will help educate and train your staff on the differences in the application and use of our equipment correctly, effectively and safely. We are an American manufacturer of below-the-hook lifting equipment that specializes in permanent lifting magnets. We offer magnets in bipolar, tripolar, and five polar orientations enabling us to tailor the design of the magnet system to your specific lifting needs.  We are also here to support your needs year after year with maintenance after installation support. Contact us for more information.