Lifting Magnet Systems, permanent lifting magnets

Contrary to popular belief, a permanent lifting magnet does not remain in its "permanent" state by default. Proper permanent lifting magnet maintenance is required to maintain its potency. A failure to take care of permanent lifting magnets with the correct protocol could cause the permanent lifting magnet to demagnetize and cause irreversible damage.

How can a permanent lifting magnet be demagnetized?

Factors such as damage from impact, excessive heat, and age can disrupt the magnetic field of the lifting magnet in a way that cannot be repaired. Because of this potential, part of a company's maintenance and safety plan should include continuously monitoring the operation of a permanent lifting magnet in order to detect any signs of a weakening magnetic field, and safety precautions should always be in place to prevent potential accidents.

Age of the lifting magnet

Because of the magnetic field created by the magnet, atoms vibrate throughout the material. Over time and through the many uses of a lifting magnet, the atoms and the magnetic field may not cooperate together as effectively as earlier in the magnet's lifespan. This can cause magnets to lose strength and not hold a lift as well as before. While this does happen very gradually over time, it is important to note as a possible occurrence, and to plan for maintenance and when necessary, replacement of aging equipment.

Impact to the lifting magnet or equipment

A sharp or significant impact on a permanent lifting magnet can change the magnetic structure of the magnet. If a magnet comes in contact with other magnetic material or is stored improperly near other magnets, it can change the chemistry of the magnetic field and potentially demagnetize the magnet. It is important to be aware of these potential effects so that all staff can be trained in the proper storage of lifting magnet equipment and, of course, understand their role in protecting the equipment from damage - as well as protecting themselves!

Extreme Heat or Cold

When purchasing a permanent lifting magnet, it is important to always make sure to learn what temperatures are safe for the operation of that type of magnet. When a magnet is heated or cooled above or below the optimal operation temperature it can cause temporary weakness or a permanent problem. If there is a fast and noticeable change in temperature it can can cause a permanent lifting magnet's atoms to realign with the magnetic field and change the strength of the magnet. When selecting materials lifting equipment, Permadur's representatives always advise and instruct our customers on how to match the type of materials lifting equipment being purchased to the environment in which it will be used.

Evaluation & Remediation of Permanent Lifting Magnet Equipment

Permadur's team has expert engineers and operators who can inspect equipment, evaluate its performance, and analyze how to best address any issues that may be revealed. From planning how a facility can best be configured, to purchasing the best equipment for your application, to maintaining it & training your employees to use the equipment as effectively as possible, Permadur is committed to maximizing the value and lifespan of your permanent lifting magnet equipment.