Lifting Magnet Systems, below-the-hook lifting equipment

A magnetic lifting device is a common attachment for below-the-hook cranes. They use either permanent or electromagnets and are used on a wide array of applications. Choosing the right industrial magnet for your application is important, so detailed consideration of your lifting needs is a must.

magnet for lifting steel

Magnet Lifting Device Considerations

Your worksite and load conditions shall be taken into consideration when choosing a magnetic lifting device. For instance, the temperature of the worksite is an important consideration, as extreme temperatures can affect the magnetic output of the equipment. If this is the case, you will likely need to buy a more powerful device than the loads would normally require. 

Some worksites constantly have heavy amounts of dust and debris in the air. Any dust, debris, or air pockets that come between a magnetic lifting device and the load weakens the magnetic force. The surface condition of the magnet is another important consideration. 

The type of loads you will be lifting also needs to be considered, when selecting the right below-the-hook magnet for your application. A load with a small contact area will require much more lifting power than one with a large surface area. Even the stiffness of the material plays a role in determining the best magnetic lifting device. For example, when lifting large sheets of metal with a single magnetic lifting device, the load may droop on the sides not being lifted. This load may require more magnetic force to lift, than a smaller sheet size of the same thickness material.

The size of your material is only part of the equation, however, as the frequency of lifts will also play a role. It is highly recommended you talk to your industrial magnet manufacturer to learn which equipment is best for your application. 

Round Or Rectangular Lifting Magnets

Lifting magnets can be round or rectangular in their construction, depending on your lifting application. A round magnetic lifting device applies an even magnetic force throughout its surface. This makes it more efficient in many applications in terms of the ratio of surface area to lifting strength. Round lifting magnets are typically electromagnets, rather than permanent. Rectangular lifting devices can be either electromagnetic or permanent. The rectangular shape also allows them to be more flexible with the shape and size of loads they can lift.

Amount of Magnets Required

Certain lifting applications require more than one magnet to carry out a successful lift. Multiple, evenly distributed lifting magnets are often used to lift large plates and metal sheets. Maintaining the proper distribution of lifting magnets is essential for an efficient workflow. Detailed calculations must take place to determine the minimum amount of magnets required to successfully lift a load. Using only the necessary number of magnets required for a lift can help improve your business's bottom line. 

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Magnetic Lifting Device Professionals

Regardless of the type of magnet your business needs, Permadur Industries is here to help. Our staff can work with you to determine the best solution for your particular needs and will help educate and train your staff on the differences in the application and use of our equipment correctly, effectively, and safely.  

Our team of engineers can tailor the designs of our systems to meet the specific needs of your company; whatever your application might be! This process ensures that the product you purchase is designed specifically for your needs and you understand all the characteristics of our lifting equipment before you ever “flip the switch” and that our equipment is properly integrated into your work environment.

We are an American manufacturer of below-the-hook lifting equipment that specializes in permanent lifting magnets. We offer magnets in bipolar, tripolar, and five polar orientations enabling us to tailor the design of the magnet system to your specific lifting needs.  We are also here to support your needs year after year with maintenance after installation support. Contact us for more information