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Is your industrial lifting game weak? You may want to consider using an industrial lifting electromagnet. If you’re unsure what these electrified magnets are or how they differ from permanent lifting magnets, don’t worry. Let’s explore everything you need to know about electromagnets and electrifying your lift game.

What Is An Industrial Lifting Electromagnet?

Electromagnets employ electricity to charge the magnet and hold ferrous magnetic materials to the magnet face. They use an energized electrical coil that’s wrapped around a steel core to orient the material’s particles in a common direction. This electric current creates a magnetic field. Essentially, these magnets are able to lift and handle ferrous materials thanks to an electric current, which differs from permanent lifting magnets.

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Wait . . . What Are Ferrous Materials?

In case you aren’t sure, ferrous materials are basically any metal that is primarily composed of iron and has magnetic properties. Their hardness, durability, and tensile strength make them apt for industrial, manufacturing, and architectural projects.

Comparing Electromagnets and Permanent Magnets

Due to the electrical nature of electromagnets, their lifting power can be increased by the amount of electric current flowing through them and vice versa. You can even reverse the magnetic poles by reversing the flow of electricity. This adjustable magnetic force is extremely useful when varying strength or remote control is needed.

Permanent magnets, on the other hand, have a relatively restricted lifting capacity. You are unable to alter the amount of magnetism they produce. They are turned on and off by a lever to lift round and flat materials with their magnetic field. However, where they lack in lifting capacity, they have an advantage in safety.

Permanent magnets do not need electricity to operate. That means if there is a power failure, permanent magnets will continue to operate. Being that an industrial lifting electromagnet depends on electricity to operate, power failure can lead to significant damage to the equipment and even the operator. Thankfully, many facilities have universal power supplies and backup systems in order to address these concerns. 

What Can Electromagnets Lift?

Similar to permanent magnets, electromagnets can lift any ferrous material such as steel, iron, and other metals. When creating that electric current to magnetize an electromagnet’s surface, you’ll be able to easily lift railroad tracks, ship pieces, piping, and lots more.

Electromagnet Applications

The easily altered electrical current of industrial lifting electromagnets makes them perfect for precise lifting in a multitude of industries. Let’s explore a couple of them below:


Mounting an electromagnet on a crane is a no-brainer. You’ll be able to use electromagnetic cranes to carry steel beams, plates, and the like with ease. With a flip of a switch, ferrous materials can be lifted, transported, and dropped in specific locations and positions. 


Using electromagnets to charge the bucket of an excavator makes handling scrap metal a seamless task. They allow operators to apply compressive force to the electromagnet in order to compress the material that is picked up. Just like that, scrap material is effectively loaded.

Above all, electromagnets can effortlessly adjust their grip on the fly, making them priceless when it comes to the precision lifting and handling that cranes and excavators require. If you’re looking to utilize electromagnets in your industry, then you need a trained professional to supply and install the proper equipment. This leads us to our final question:

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Which Company Will Electrify Your Lift Game?

The answer won’t shock you at all. Permadur offers industrial lifting electromagnets that will boost your productivity. Our equipment has the proper backup systems to prevent any interruption when encountering power failure, faulty wiring, or even misoperation of controls. From lifting magnets to lifting systems, our team of experts will take care of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Give us a call today to get started.