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Material Handling is one of many applications where Neodymium magnets excel

In our industry, permanent lifting magnets are a vital cog in the machine for companies engaged in material handling. Neodymium magnets are the most widely used rare-earth magnets, and these types of magnets are especially important for there usability in a variety of capacities in material handling. But did you know that neodymium magnets are used for many other applications as well?

Here are some of the wide-ranging uses for Neodymium Magnets:

Electric Motors

Neodymium magnets were invented by General Motors in 1982. The magnets today are used in many of the hybrid and electric cars on the road. The magnets assist in creating a magnetic field that is induced by the coil. The magnetic field allows for the electric and hybrid cars to run on electricity.

MRI Scanners

Permanent magnets have also made their way into the medical industry. MRI Scanners need neodymium magnets to operate. The magnets create a magnetic field that in turn affects the protons in the human body. The neodymium magnets make it possible for MRI scanners to operate.

Jewelry Manufacturing

Believe it or not, you or your special someone's engagement ring most likely needed neodymium magnets to be created. Small neodymium magnets are used in the production process for jewelry. In the production of jewelry, counter-bored neodymium magnets create opposite poles that are needed to perform the precise manipulations needed to create jewelry.

Magnetic Therapy

In a slightly more niche market, neodymium magnets are also the widely used magnets for magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy may not be a well-known as a therapy option as others. Some people believe that through magnets creating a magnetic field near ailing body parts, it is possible to reduce pain and ailments of a patient.

The Right Material for Material Handling

A variety of industries such as jewelry creation, the medical field, and therapy options all rely on the special properties of neodymium magnets, and they're essential in the material handling industry as well. Permadur's Neodymium lifting magnet systems allow companies to move rare-earth materials in a safe and efficient system - increasing throughput & efficiency, while significantly reducing safety risks.