Lifting Magnet Systems, lifting magnets

Lifting Magnets have the safety features and cost-effectiveness to make a difference for your business.

If your organization is in the business of dealing with ferrous materials, you're well aware of the challenges involved with safely and efficiently moving and transporting heavy materials. It is crucially important to have a safe, reliable, and cost-effective system in place to move the materials. There are a number of different systems to choose from, such as slings, chains, hoists, cranes, and lifting magnets. Permadur's lifting magnet systems were designed for a faster, simpler, safer and more cost-effective approach to material handling.

Here are some of the benefits of lifting magnets:

Production using Magnets Vs. Slings & Chains

For many years, using slings and chains were the standard for moving materials such as cast steel, alloy steel, and other high carbon content. Lifting systems like slings, chains, or hoist systems usually need 2 or more people to operate. Permadur's magnet systems were designed to only require one worker to operate them. The additional workers needed in the past are now free to continue production on other important tasks.

Lifting Magnets Consume Less Power

Permanent lifting magnets also use significantly less power to operate compared to the older slings and chains systems. Companies can save on electrical power usage by switching to permanent lifting magnets that do not require electrical power during the lift. Investing in lifting magnets can reduce the cost of production while increasing your team's overall production value.

Lifting Magnets are More Safe

When working with ferrous materials, the safety of workers is of the utmost importance. Every system has inherent risks, but permanent lifting magnets decrease the chance of an accident considerably. Permadur's 3-1 Safety factor demonstrates that our products and systems were designed to keep the operation as safe as possible. Our magnets will not drop a suspended load regardless of the loss of power, user error, or faulty wiring.

A Clearly Superior Solution

Permadur's magnet lifting products have the ability to help increase overall production by using less manpower. Our magnets consume considerably less electrical power than other types of systems and use zero power during operation. Above all else, the safety benefits of lifting magnets are what makes them essential to your business. Contact us today to learn more about our magnet lifting products.