Lifting Magnet Systems, permanent magnets

The safety benefits center around the fact that a Permadur Multiple Part Handling System will help keep the operators off the burning/cutting table and its dangerous walking surface. In addition, Permadur Multiple Part Handling Systems use patented magnets that are electrically-controlled permanent magnets. As such, these magnets will not drop a suspended load due to loss of electrical power, faulty wiring, or misoperation of controls.

In putting together ROI justifications, safety is a hard thing to quantify but should not be overlooked in the purchase decision.

Increased productivity, while it varies from user to user, is easier to quantify. The productivity of a plate cutting operation is tied to “Torch ON Time.” By dramatically reducing the time associated with loading plate and, more importantly, offloading cut parts/skeleton, users of Permadur Multiple Part Handling Systems have realized in some cases the ability to double their Torch ON Time. One of our early systems - built some 20 years ago - enabled the user to produce in one shift what took two shifts previously. These results in varying degrees have been proven out by the many current users of Permadur Multiple Part Handling Systems. Many of these users have purchased multiple units over the years because of the continued productivity gains realized and the dependability of the Permadur Systems. In addition to increasing the Torch ON Time associated with the plate cutting system, users of our Permadur Multiple Part Handling Systems also find that the secondary steps of cleaning, marking, and stacking of the parts on skids are much more efficient since the parts are delivered in an organized fashion to a parts separation table.