Safety Tips When Operating Vacuum Lifting Systems

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While vacuum lifting systems are considered one of the safest forms of lifting, there is always a potential risk when lifting. Proper maintenance and regular inspections are a great way to ensure the safety of workers and the longevity of your system and equipment. It’s essential that anyone operating vacuum lifting systems or a permanent lifting magnet understands how to safely and properly use it.

Vacuum Lifting Systems

Before using the system, ensure the operator has carefully read the instructions in the manual and fully understands how to use the device. No one should ever use the vacuum lifting system if they have not been adequately trained. Additionally, keep the workspace clear during use to ensure safety. Never allow a person to pass underneath a suspended load.

Each vacuum lifting system is designed to handle a specific type of load. Never use your device to lift loads outside of its capacity. Ensure that there is a strong vacuum grip between the surface of the load and suction feet. Never attempt to lift and move damaged loads, as you will most likely get an insufficient vacuum grip.

Proper maintenance of your vacuum lifting system is essential to ensure safety. Ensure everyone in the facility is well versed on actions to take in the event of an accident. Acting swiftly ensures the safety of your workers and prevents additional damage to the system. If your system becomes damaged, call in a specialist. Do not attempt repairs on your own.

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