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For over 40 years we’ve made manufacturing and maintenance processes more efficient, cost-effective and safe. Our manufacturing, installation and safety solutions keep businesses moving forward.

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As an Executive Member of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), SISSCO takes pride in manufacturing cranes that meet the most up-to-date design and safety standards. We build cranes for both small and large-scale commercial and industrial operations. Our cranes are completely manufactured in-house and rigorously tested for quality and performance.

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We specialize in the distribution and manufacturing for a wide range of industries and application types.  As a master distributor for pre-engineered hoists manufacturers, we can find a cost-effective solution for almost every hoist application.  For those special applications that a pre-engineered hoist can’t work, let SISSCO’s design engineers work with you to provide a custom designed hoist for your application.

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Our highly skilled and trained service team is here to make sure we can help our customers maintain a safe working environment for their overhead lifting equipment.

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SISSCO’s Control Division specializes in matching state of the art controls technologies, with SISSCO’s full line of cranes, hoists and lifting operations.  Our Engineers are equipped to design and build custom solutions, from basic to the most advanced.  SISSCO’s team is well versed in integrating any PLC, HMI, VFD, Encoder, Load Cells, Positioning Systems and Anti Collision Devices into projects in order to meet customer needs. In addition, our Engineers are equipped to provide custom controls solutions outside of material handling equipment.

Mechanical Contracting

SISSCO’s Mechanical / Electrical Contracting Division focuses on large-scale modernization and installation of material handling equipment. While the main focus is on Overhead Cranes, this division expands outside of that industry to provide the same service to Railcar Maintenance Equipment, Bus Maintenance Equipment, and much more.

Bridge Maintenance travelers

SISSCO’s provides turkey design, fabrication, testing and installation of bridge maintenance traveler systems.  Our engineers will perform the full mechanical, structural and electrical design per the requirements of the agency and the bridge.

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Our turnkey process

Application engineering

Our Engineered Sales Team will engage with the customer to review and define the requirements of the application.  They will then design and select the material handling solution that will meet or exceeds those requirements.


Project Management

SISSCO assigns a Project Management Team to all their engineered and contracting based jobs.  From initial contract review, submittal drawings, installation coordination, to job completion, this team is always there every step of the way.

Design Engineering

At SISSCO, engineering is everything.  Our team of engineers follow all the applicable industry standards to develop designs that meet the customer expectations and project specifications.  The use of 3D modeling software on all of our designs allows our engineering team to be precise in their design and manufacturing drawings.


Our manufacturing facility produces industry leading overhead cranes and custom material handling equipment.  Our production team and our certified welders prides themselves on every detail from raw material to final product.


Our Field Installation Team starts their engagement with our customers jobsites during the project management and engineering phase to make sure the equipment is designed to be installed safely at the customers facility.  From install, to commissioning, to load testing and to training, we delivery excellent service the entire way.

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