As an executive member of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), SISSCO takes pride in manufacturing cranes that meet all current design and safety standards.

Top Running Single Girder

As the most prevalent bridge crane type in the industry, these overhead cranes have a lower production cost and will meet a widespread of lifting applications.

Underhung Single Girder

These types of cranes are used when the roof structure needs to support the crane which allows the facility to free up floor space. 

Top Running Double Girder

More frequently used in higher capacity and longer spans, this style crane can achieve a higher hook height as well as be customized to meet more complicated applications.  Capacity and span length will typically determine when a Double Girder Crane is required.

Custom Engineered Cranes

At SISSCO, we will custom design an overhead traveling crane or material handling equipment for any application.  Our application and design engineers have the experience and expertise to develop the right design specification and follow that through with superior quality manufacturing.

Workstation Cranes

For light duty applications where there are designated work areas in the facility, these types of cranes offer modular design that can increase the work areas productivity and safety.  These types of cranes can easily be extended for future growth of the work area.

Jib Cranes

These types of cranes also offer great coverage in smaller designated work areas.  With many different styles to choose from, the easy rotation of the bridge beam allows workers to position load safely and easily.

Gantry Cranes

A great economical solution to lift materials anywhere in your facility or job site.  This type of crane has a heavy duty frame and the ability to roll around on casters in your work area.

Davit Cranes

These stationary and portable cranes allow lifting material from and elevated edge or over a pit.  There are many of designs to choose from and these cranes are typically used in roof top, wastewater and construction applications.

What we offer


Our engineering department is staffed with mechanical, structural and electrical engineers, ensuring that every component of our crane design meets not only our customers specification but also the requirements of CMAA, ASME and other applicable standards.


All fabrication, wiring, and testing is done on-site in SISSCO’s facilities, providing the right environment and team of experienced professionals needed to build superior quality equipment.


The importance of a properly designed and installed overhead crane and runway system cannot be understated. SISSCO’s engineering department can evaluate you building and design the best crane runway solution for your application. Coordinating the runway with the design of the overhead crane can maximize the usable floor space while boosting production and safety.


SISSCO assigns a Project Management Team to all their engineered and contracting based jobs. From initial contract review, submittal drawings, installation coordination, to job completion, this team is always there every step of the way.

We focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality and performance when designing, manufacturing, and installing our cranes.

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