Bridge Maintenance Travelers

Inspecting, repairing and maintaining the bridges that connect us to one another is a complex task. Even more daunting of a task is designing a system that allows us to travel the underside of the bridge in a streamlined, efficient way that allows to perform work on them safely.

Sissco’s engineers and technicians have vast amounts of experience in building and utilizing bridge maintenance travelers. From initial designs to system testing to installation, our crews will complete and enhance your bridge-related projects.

What we offer


We will plan all mechanical and electrical systems for your bridge traveler. Sissco will make sure the system you order performs optimally and safely from day one.


Our preventative maintenance program ensures the safety and longevity of equipment through ongoing upkeep. Routine maintenance and repairs guarantee the continuous quality of your overhead crane and hoist systems.


For those customers who are always running, SISSCO provides an on-call service representative to attend to your after-hours emergency requests. A dedicated phone number will be given to handle these service needs.


Sissco performs the union installation of these travelers following successful testing, training and field commissioning.

Our Work

Sissco’s installation of 6 bridge travelers for the Goethals Bridge, connecting commuters from New Jersey to New York City, allows access to the underside of the bridge for ongoing maintenance and inspections. 

For the electrical controls, Sissco designed a custom PLC-controlled anti-skew detection system that allows the traveler to self-correct as it travels down the runway system.  

Features of this control system include encoders for the skew detection, data logging, VFD motor controls, HMI continuous display of skew and speed of the system, and various other safety controls and checks.  All control components were designed for salt water outdoor use.

On the structural & mechanical side, Sissco engineered all components and used a combination of AutoCAD Inventor and Solid Works platform. Finite element analysis was used on all componentry of the traveler. Sissco fabricated all components and tested each traveler on a temporary runway system set up in their facility.

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